INgliston Coutnry Club & Hotel Brochure cover design

Ingliston Country Club & Hotel have reinvigorated their brand, with an updated brand identity which we applied across a new website, key brochures and a digital marketing campaign. The team at Ingliston identified that they wanted to slightly tweak their brand an just gently point it in a new direction.  The aim was to Elevate the brand and add … Continued

Image the Babs restaurant Glasgow website design by Red Media, against a gold background

We have launched a website for ‘Babs, as phase two of our project to make them one of the best independent concept restaurants in the Glasgow. Having initially conceived the ‘Babs brand identity and helped them launch the restaurant to critical acclaim, we are now looking at expanding their digital presence to help grow the … Continued

Do I have a good domain name? Your domain name is what people will be typing in to their address bar to be able to get on to your website. It is important that your domain is similar to your businesses name, or as close to it as possible. The web is huge, so the … Continued

Red Media: Image of a tablet, mobile and laptop with the letters A to Z on them above the words "Glossary of Web Terms"

At Red Media we try not to use ‘jargon’ when we speak with our clients but sometimes there is no alternative word to use. So for the benefit of our clients and anyone who wants to learn more about the world of the web, here is an extensive glossary of website terms. Click a letter … Continued

Apple MacBook with Cumbrae Oysters on the screen

A Sea Change for Cumbrae Oysters We recently launched a new brand identity and website for Cumbrae Oysters to give them a platform to promote themselves to a wider audience. The brand needed a fresh new look to compete with other similar businesses, and a platform to do it from. Their new website is now … Continued

Red Media: Why you need a website blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a faded image of a website on a laptop screen

Around 60% of small UK businesses (as of 2017) have decided that they don’t need a website and think that relying on business listings, word-of-mouth and local advertising is enough. We were genuinely shocked to hear of these statistics, and here are three main reasons why… Potential customers expect you to have a website. It’s … Continued

Red Media: Stand Out with Good Design blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a background of a crowd of similar looking penguins

When we are putting together your social media strategy brand consistency and understanding of how you want to convey your brand is of upmost importance. Design and brand led (graphical, real life photography or otherwise) content pieces will help educate your consumers and showcase your offering exactly at first glance and in the first instance … Continued


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