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A Sea Change for Cumbrae Oysters

We recently launched a new brand identity and website for Cumbrae Oysters to give them a platform to promote themselves to a wider audience. The brand needed a fresh new look to compete with other similar businesses, and a platform to do it from. Their new website is now a key part of their marketing plan, acting as a digital brochure to help educate and impress prospective new stockists.

Who are Cumbrae Oysters?

A great independent company, Cumbrae specialise in oysters grown on their farm in the Sound of Cumbrae, on the west coast of Scotland. Renowned globally for a superior quality oyster, the business has been very successful in its 20+ years.

They supply wholesalers across the world, with a lot of their oysters making their way to Asia, and Japan and Hong Kong in particular, ending up on the menus of the areas top restaurants.
The Branding And Web Design Brief.

We were tasked with creating a new brand identity that gave them a modern and professional look. They had no clear cohesive image or style and wanted to have a strong and unified brand that they could apply across their packaging, marketing materials and livery.

As a Scottish export, they wanted to place Scotland at the heart of the new brand. Scottish products are highly sought after across the world and regarded as a benchmark in quality.

‘No fuss, pomp or pretentiousness. Just good quality produce’

They also wanted a very easy to use website that captured who they are and what they offer in a very simple and visually appealing way. They wanted to be seen as a quality supplier of the freshest seafood from some of the best seafood producing area of the world.

The website was to be a single page design, with links to pdfs.

The New Cumbrae Oysters Brand Identity.

Image of Ayrshire coastline with Cumbrae Oysters Colour Palette highlighted

We created a colour palette that was inspired by the golden sands and lush green coastline of West Kilbride where the Cumbrae Oyster farm is situated. The new logotype uses a stencil typeface that is synonymous with the fishing industry, giving it an authentic feel and connection to the source of the production, reinforcing the fact that Cumbrae Oysters are the oyster farmers and not a ‘middle man’ in the ‘food chain’ (boom-boom).

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Image of Cumbrae Oysters Logo

Adding ‘Scotland’ to the brand identity is a simple yet very powerful addition that gives much more weight to the brand in an international sense.


Website Design and Development.

Slide show of Cumbrae Oysters website designs

Our website design was for a WordPress build


The brief was to design a single-scrolling page website so that we could present eye-catching information that is easy for users to scan. We added a navigation bar with jump links to different sections on the page to allow users to find the information they were interested in.

We used the new colour palette to break the page up in to clearly defined sections. To pull together these sections we used a series of illustrations of their products, oysters, razor clams and clams.

The general feel of the new website was one that was friendly and welcoming. There was a lot of technical data and some ‘dry’ content that we broke up into digestible sections in tables. Some of the information was intended to be stored by users for future reference so we added these as downloadable pdfs.

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Post Launch UX Improvements

Post launch we use techniques to refine the design to give our clients the best website design we can.

We launched the website and monitored it with User Experience (UX) tracking software to track users visits to the site and what the did while there.

Heat maps allowed us to see how users used the site, and with the data we gathered, we made some minor changes to the sections . We made a change to the design to make sure that the user experience was simple and they found the information they wanted easily.


Cumbrae Oysters were delighted with their new website which they have been using to direct customers and potential new wholesale stockists to, to help educate them on their offering and to allow access to their info pdfs.

The feedback they have been getting is very positive, and the new brand has been received very well.

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Visit the Cumbrae Oysters website and see our work for yourself.

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