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Around 60% of small UK businesses (as of 2017) have decided that they don’t need a website and think that relying on business listings, word-of-mouth and local advertising is enough. We were genuinely shocked to hear of these statistics, and here are three main reasons why…

Potential customers expect you to have a website.

It’s fantastic if you use social media and business listings to promote your business, but according to a survey conducted back in 2014, 52% of people prefer going directly to the business’ website to get the information they need.

It’s very likely that some of your competitors will have a website, where they provide all the important information and show why they are the ones that customers should choose.

Can you allow yourself to be taken less seriously by your potential customers because they can’t find your website?

A website is the best place to show people who you really are.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more likely than not that you will have more competitors than you can count. Many of them will offer almost identical products/services as you do. Sometimes your competitor’s offerings will be better, more accessible or more convenient. It doesn’t mean it’s time for you to give up. It does mean, however, that you need to focus on your brand and your USP (unique selling point).

A website designed and developed with your user in mind will allow you to display all the reasons why you are unique and different from others in a way that represents you the best. Good graphics, effective copywriting and visuals can do wonders for your business.

New customers will find you without even looking.

People don’t necessarily always know what companies can solve their problems and offer them what they need. Thus, they turn to Google with their needs-related keywords to find out, and if you have a well optimised website, meaning a website built with good search engine optimisation (SEO), it is very likely that your business will come up in their search engine results.

For example, if  business owner based in Glasgow is looking for someone to build them a new website, they may search Google for terms such as “Website designers Glasgow”, “Website Company Glasgow” or “Website development Glasgow”. If you have these terms written within the copy of your website then your site will be presented back to the person making the search. (Do you see what we are doing here?)

This potential new customer will be ready to buy or be researching options, and they will be made aware of your company, having potentially never having heard of your business or its offering– well that’s a great achievement. And guess what? You didn’t even need to pay to be found by Google AdWords, which is another topic altogether.

So there you go. Three great reasons why we think not having a website is just not worth it.

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