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Email marketing remains one of the most effective of all the digital marketing strategies for your business.

Email marketing has one of the highest return on investments of all the marketing practices and so is an incredibly powerful tool when done right.

An email marketing campaign offers a low cost, direct and personal way to communicate with your target audience. The emails you send should be well constructed and engaging in order to maximise their marketing potential and guarantee that return on investment.

A customer’s email address is key to directly communicating with them on a regular basis. It’s the one common denominator that almost everyone nowadays has.

Your customers may pick and choose which social media platforms they use, but they’ll always have an email address.

Today, email has evolved into a definitive means of developing a long-lasting connection and profitable relationship with your customer.

Building a customer database

This is a key part to any marketing strategy. Having a database of past, current and prospective customers will allow you to directly communicate your products, services, news and offers.

You have many tools at your disposal that’ll help you do this that you might not realise. Your website and social media platforms being two of the most popular tools for database building.

Getting the best from your email database

Earning the attention from your subscribers will give your emails and brand more value. You’ll most likely have loads of emails in your inbox right now that have been there for a while that “you’ll get to eventually”. You’ll also have those ones that you’ll check out pretty quickly. That’s good email marketing.

Your email subscriber list is a valuable asset to your business, taking care and attention to the emails you are sending is important.

If you are mainly sending out sales messages, you are likely to turn people off and risk the value of your database by unsubscribing.

Most of brands communication today revolves around their customers inbox. The more targeted you are, the likelier they are to open your newsletter.

Having an understanding of the best content to send, the ideal time of day to send it and the right call to action to persuade click through will result in a success marketing campaign.

Generic emails have been replaced by personalised messages, behaviour targeting, and multiple mailing lists. With advances in technology, you can stimulate interest for specific products and services, a temporary promotion, an upcoming launch, and much, much more.

For more information or to ask a question, contact us today and talk to one of our digital marketing experts about how we can transform your email marketing strategy.


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