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We are happy to announce the successful launch of a new exciting website for A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd which shows them as a modern company while capturing their unique heritage.

This website was a new challenge for us, involving an industry that we haven’t had a lot of experience with in the past. Despite this, we were able to work closely with the client to develop a design that perfectly reflected the company’s strong family values. 

Who Are A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd?

A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd is a Glasgow-based family company that has been trading since 1962. Andrew Alexander and his business partner William Tawse originally only provided electrical services, but have since expanded to offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical services.

Now that they have developed such a comprehensive range of services for both commercial and domestic clients throughout the UK, it was important that their website properly represented their scale and capabilities. 

The company also has a fantastic and genuine family feel to it, starting with the Alexanders themselves and extending out to the 50+ staff that they now employ. Getting this across on the site, along with their experience and professionalism, was a must.

The Design Brief

When it came to the brief for this project, the client was happy to rely on our expertise for a lot of the creative choices and direction. The one thing that was important to them, and to us, was to highlight their successful 60-year-long history.

We also realised that despite their heritage and the fact they work in a fairly traditional industry, they are a modern company offering cutting-edge services. We needed to show that they were building on their history, not resting on it.

Finally, we had to make it very clear that they are a multi-disciplined company that has grown far beyond their humble beginnings. Confident in their work, they wanted case studies to prove this – they don’t expect anyone just to take their word for it! 

Website & Development

Our main goal was to show that the client company had spent 60 years developing, not stagnating. 

This meant the design had to be very clean, modern, and sleek. If we were going to have a focus on the generational heritage of the business, we needed to contextualise it in a site that was clearly up-to-date, fully-functional and ultimately stylish

The focus on how much the company had grown meant we needed to drive home the wide range of services it now provides. This can be seen throughout the website and is pride of place on the homepage. There is no mistaking that the client offers far more than electrical services.

We also had to make sure that this diversification was not mistaken for a loss of specialism. Proud of their work, A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd can prove this isn’t the case! They gave us a huge number of case studies which have been styled to showcase many impressive projects, showing that their standards of perfection have not been lost in the expansion of the business.


Despite being in a very traditional industry, we managed to tailor and create a modern and authoritative website that uses history, up-to-date design, and case studies to give any prospective customers real confidence in our client.

Working on projects for companies like A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd is made so much easier because of their genuine history and personality which is as solid a foundation as you can have for a project like this – we just had to make sure we handled it correctly.
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Visit the A. Alexander & Son (Electrical) Ltd website and see our work for yourself.

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