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Flexibility was key when it came to protecting your business from disruption caused by coronavirus and lockdown. We have been arguing for weeks that companies need to adapt to the changing environment and come up with new strategies depending on the needs and desires of their customers. This is what gave rise to our new project,Casa Wines. Our attempt to put restaurant-quality wines directly into the hands of consumers.

As with any e-commerce business, it is vital to get the foundation right – branding. Wine can easily seem old-fashioned, elitist and ‘stuffy’, something which we were keen to avoid. In doing so, it’s easy to appear ‘cheap’ – or at the very least less premium at other well-established and more ‘traditional’ competitors out there. 

What we came up with was Casa Wines, a brand with bold fonts, a quirky logo, and distinctive colours which all come together to create a brand image that is accessible, friendly, and modern.

Casa Wines Branding Project Cover Photo

The importance of a good website for any modern business cannot be overstated, and this is naturally even more true for a brand that sells exclusively online. Using our extensive experience in building effective and reliable online stores from the ground up, our developers worked together to create a site that balanced branding and design with flawless functionality.


With a relatively low number of products split into clear and definable wine categories, we were able to create an a homepage evocative of a wine menu, where customers could quickly go from choosing and learning about their wines to purchase with no annoyances, distractions, or interruptions. This, paired with our quick and free delivery service, allows our customers to buy as conveniently as they might from the supermarket from the comfort and safety of their own home.

An example social media post created for Casa Wines

When it comes to getting any new brand off the ground, there is little that provides progress that is as cost-effective and immediate as social media. We knew that our digital campaign would be key – all we had to do was get customers to give Casa Wines a try once so that our product and service could take care of the rest.

Our plan was to balance two things: exposure and selling. The first step was to make shareable and relatable content that we could target at wine enthusiasts. One tactic was a series of quotations, which while not a direct selling tool, made sure that we were appearing on the timelines of wine lovers across the country.

The second step was selling. Who are Casa? Why would customers try us, rather than their usual supermarket standard? As a result, we created a series of wine profiles showcasing our individual products, as well as a series of blogs which showed despite being a new brand, Casa was a reliable authority on wine.

Another method of balancing both of these elements was our video advertisement, featured below. We love doing video production at Red Media, both in-house and for From the concept, to voiceover, and editing, the team took care of it all.

Whether you are a budding new brand looking to establish a place on the market, or an established brand looking for a refresh on your marketing strategy, Red Media has a team of experienced creatives who have built the brands and achieve the goals of a huge variety of companies and enterprises. 


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