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In today’s digital world, content is key, so in order to really bring your products to life you need high-quality images that will make your target audience look and then look again. For e-commerce retailers, particularly those in the drinks industry, products are their backbone so in a saturated market, product photography can make or break a business. Great product images are the foundation of any successful site and any effective marketing campaign. Which is why professional photography is paramount.


In the age of smart phones, photography is now more accessible than ever, yet professional quality still counts wherever pictures play a decisive role. Nearly 70% of e-commerce website shoppers consider image quality to be ‘very important’ when making their purchase decision. Articles, billboards, blogs and press releases with professional images still average 94% more total views than those without. So, whether you’re looking to improve sales or drive engagement on social media, stand out product photography is how you will make your mark.

Images and digital marketing go hand in hand. Typically, businesses only have 3 seconds to engage a user or potential shopper, so this is where memorable photography comes in. To grab a user’s attention an image should provide a quick understanding of who you are, what you are selling and the context of its use. Depending on the product, this can lead to challenges.

Take food and drinks photography, creating the right image to tell the story of your brand, while ensuring it can be used across various marketing mediums from web to billboard aspects is no easy feat. To capture alcoholic drinks, particularly those in glass bottles, in a light that captures the depth and consistency in colour of a see-through liquid requires the right knowledge, equipment, and studio

Drinks Photography

Visual content is a gateway to your product and whether a shot is intended for print, a lifestyle campaign or a white background, maintaining consistency is key. When we carried out drinks photography for the Scottish whisky company MacDuff International to continue the impressive growth of their Islay Mist, Lauders and Grand Macnish brands, we wanted to convey the unique appearance and attributes of each line while staying true to the brand history.

Encapsulating the personality of a whisky in a 2D image, comes down to lighting. For our work with MacDuff International, presenting the whisky accurately and attractively was the key to its success. The correct lighting helped showcase each brands character and individuality. Each drink had a rich history and a unique taste, so it was important to us that we celebrated this in their ad campaigns. We handled all of the drinks photography in house, shooting and retouching the full range so that all imagery was true to life.

Red Media’s work for MacDuff International’s portfolio of brands is now used globally in their marketing campaigns and sales literature.

Whatever the size and scope of your drinks business, high quality drinks photography is essential for those hoping to generate revenue through e-commerce. Professional images are imperative to establishing a brand identity, building trust and increasing your search and social mobility.

At Red Media we are passionate about creating the right visuals for your brand, whether that’s through delivering lifestyle photography, location shoots or art directed shoots at our in-house photography studio. If you are interested in telling the story of your brand and want to know more about the services we provide, get in touch today.

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