This course has one simple aim - to teach you how social media can be used in business for marketing purposes.

We'll take an in-depth look into the social media monitoring, engagement and analytics tools and show how to gather valuable insight to feed back into your campaigns.

We'll cover ROI through social media, how to deal with negative mentions, risk management, tracking trends and metrics, social media policies, SEO and much more.

This course will empower you with a broader knowledge and understanding of social media and so help you develop your own advanced strategy and measure the success of your social activity.

During each day we'll deconstruct the world of social media and take a fun, interactive, hands-on approach.

By the end of the course you'll be equipped with the skills to help you create, implement and analyse social content on all social media channels.

Course dates are as follows: 30th of June.

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This course includes

  • What is social media
  • Setting your goals and objectives
  • Identifying the right platform for you
  • Overview of the most popular Social Platforms
  • What each social tool is best utilised for
  • Setting up your social media profiles and what you need.
  • Important of understanding your brand
  • How to develop your brand via social media and how to practice consistency
  • Case study; social media branding and consistency
  • How to choose the right social media strategy and to market to your exact customer
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Monitoring and Analytics
  • Social Media for SEO purposes
  • Social Advertising
  • How to build a customer database through social media?