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For the last three years we managed the Riverside Inverclyde (RI) brand and marketing strategy and delivery. RI is an Urban Regeneration Company run by Inverclyde Council and Scottish Enterprise with a mission to secure the long-term economic growth of Inverclyde.

“I have always found that the speed, quality, responsiveness and understanding of the Ri brand by Red Media has been outstanding and a big factor in driving forward the brand. Their ability to deliver this through a wide range of media, products and particularly social media separates them from the rest. It is a delight to work with the team who often go over and above in delivering a fantastic end product for the business.”

Andrew Bowman - Head of Business Investment and Operations

The Riverside Inverclyde redevelopment project was an incredible undertaking, and Red Media played a fundamental role as their brand and marketing strategist for the crucial final three years. Throughout this period, we were able to provide a wide array of services helping to fulfil numerous objectives. Not only did this give us the chance to showcase our skills, but it meant we could be a part of a large-scale and dynamic project.

One of the final tasks that we were involved in was designing and printing a project review document providing an overview of the progress made from 2016 to 2019. It was important that the incredible economic and infrastructural Riverside Inverclyde development made throughout a fairly lengthy period was summarised both simply and concisely.

By working alongside those responsible for the project, we were able to develop and print a booklet which clearly laid out the massive successes of the relatively small team at Riverside Inverclyde. It was fantastic to play a part in a project that met and exceeded so many of its targets. This document was distributed to various stakeholders and council members to show just how far the area had come.

At the end of 2017, the Riverside Inverclyde project, in cooperation with Red Media, put a significant focus on the independent food and drink establishments operating throughout the area. We called this ‘Taste Inverclyde’ and were responsible for developing and designing the branding and accompanying merchandise to promote the endeavour. It was a great success and has grown to include local farmers, butchers, and small-batch artisan producers.

As with any project like Riverside Inverclyde, social media was vital in terms of promoting the venture and raising awareness of development in the area. We ran several campaigns promoting the redevelopment project generally, as well as individual events throughout the three years. This involved designing the graphics, providing the copy, scheduling, and paid promotion. Our social media campaign played a vital role in driving community engagement.

Another example of how our design and print service can prove to be fundamental in large-scale projects is the investor brochure that we developed in conjunction with Riverside Inverclyde. This document was not only an appeal for backing from various investors but an attempt to show them how it can benefit them. With fantastic infrastructure, a huge population, fantastic transport links, and many other key attributes, it was up to us to put this across in a digestible, attractive, and ultimately sales-focused way.

We came up with the new campaign slogan – “Inverclyde, Connected Worldwide” – that captured the main strength of the region as a destination that is incredibly well positioned for global connectivity via air and sea.

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