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We recently launched Rippl; an environmentally responsible water bottle brand. An exciting project that allowed us to create a brand from the ground up, from naming and brand story through to visual identity and also product and packaging design.

Given the brief to form a new brand for a business selling stainless steel water bottle's we undertook a process of ideation to generate fresh ideas that we transformed into an innovative brand solution with a strong purpose and direction. What we produced from this process was a clear brand identity and name, giving birth to the Rippl brand.

That brand purpose is Rippl’s aim to help in the movement to increase the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.

The whole philosophy of the company is that we are all responsible for looking after the planet, and every positive action we take as consumers moves us closer to a real solution.

We decided to make a donation from each Rippl Bottle purchase to a water based charity, to further advance the idea that purchasing a Rippl product has a positive effect on combating environmental issues.

We set the brand up to target consumers that are at the start of their journey to a plastic free life. The idea being that purchasing a stainless steel water bottle was an easy first step in that process that will lead to further lifestyle changes to reduce plastic use. This is “The Rippl Effect” The logo depicts two ripples colliding, to represent the greater change that purchasing a Rippl product can have.

Regardless of the durability and utility of our Rippl bottles, there is no getting away from the fact that an attractive product is going to make a bigger splash. Colour was vital – we wanted to select colours that weren’t just on trend but were evocative of the Earth and its oceans which this product exists to protect.

We wanted to firmly place the environment and nature at the centre of this brand, so our initial launch range of bottles complimented the brand colours which we used and were inspired by the deep ocean and shallow tropical waters. Working closely with the product manufacturer, we designed the product and packaging, utilising natural materials and low carbon production techniques.

Our packaging tube was designed with coloured circles that sit well with our natural and water focused aesthetic.

Aa a direct to consumer brand, initially launched as an online business, produced an eCommerce website for launch. Over and above the shop function we needed to present three things: the values of the brand, the benefits of the product, and that it is a trustworthy company to buy from. We weren’t just designing a website, we were designing a shop window.

With one product for sale and a clear mission statement, funnelling browsers towards the buy button was the clear priority. This is a sales funnel, and needed to be as simple and free from distraction or inconvenience as possible. We designed and developed a very clean and lightweight website that allows potential customers to quickly understand the brand and make a purchase without any barriers.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of Rippl and getting this across all of the Rippl online platforms was vital. We didn’t want to employ overtly sale focused marketing to drive sales, we wanted to organically grow the brand following and get their mission out there by taking a wider look at humanity’s impact on the planet as well as how we can all do our part to address it.

Creative social campaigns which highlighted environmental concerns and drove discussion were not only important to us and the Rippl mission, but it is also an effective method of establishing the brand online. The content we have created is certainly engaging and ‘shareable’, but our posts have generated a number of amazing discussions and debates.

To look at Rippl in more detail, and maybe even buy a bottle, take a look at the website here.

If you are looking to launch a new brand or product we would love the chance to talk to you about how we can help you with that. Get in touch!

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