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OWGP is a governmental scheme intended to boost the entire British offshore energy industry. By encouraging companies at every level of the supply chain to boost productiveness, they hope to grow this already flourishing market even more quickly.

One of the main challenges we had to overcome on this project was the tight deadlines involved. After winning the tender issued by the government, we had just four weeks to have the website online and fully functional in time for a project launch event in London. By establishing fantastic communications between Red Media and the client, we were able to make sure this went smoothly.

When we got involved in the project, OWGP didn’t really have a visual identity. Along with ORE Catapult, they were also at the bleeding edge of a young and quickly growing industry. This gave us a significant amount of creative freedom throughout the entire project, and it meant we could establish a style that we felt suited the third sector body without the usual constrictions.

With the short deadlines on this project, dictated by the incoming launch event, the website needed to be not only functional but reliable. By working quickly and having each milestone signed off within a strict schedule, we were able to not only finish the website for potential clients to register interest in the project but to have the entire site thoroughly tested to avoid any bugs or mistakes.

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