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‘Optimal Lengths of Digital Things like Tweets, Facebook posts, Blogs and more…

With social media, things move fast with short and snappy content being king across all the major platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to LinkedIn. Social media platforms across the spectrum were developed around the concept of instant, engaging online commentary and social interaction. Users flock to their favourite apps to absorb as much information on what interests them in as short a time period as possible. Ideally, with minimal effort required to source that information. Online audiences want to be entertained, educated and communicate with anyone they desire within a matter of seconds when active on social media.

It’s difficult to know what the optimal length for your brand’s digital marketing content is when it comes to achieving your marketing objectives.

So, for any brand to stand a chance of grabbing the attention of their target audience in such a noisy environment. They need to not only embody this instant content culture. They need to actively facilitate it. Brands need to create high quality, visual content designed to enrich the newsfeeds of their followers. Not focusing upon pushing sales, but building a brand community for their followers to join in on. And quickly!

How Short Is Short?

Brands need to develop and encourage their online communities within minimal text. In fact, the less words or characters involved, the better. Your content messages need to be communicated in the most succinct way possible. But how long is a piece of string? How do you know what the optimal length is for a post? Is the same optimal length applicable across all online platforms?

We’ve got all the answers you need. It’s time to get specific!

Best Tweet Length For Engagement

If you’re taking to social media to get your content out there. Particularly if you’ll be utilising Twitter then short and sweet is key. Ideally you should aim for your brand’s tweets to be between 71 – 100 characters. What’s more, if you’re partial to a hashtag or two then it’s best to make sure these don’t exceed 6 characters each. Twitter is the home of immediate, in-the-moment content. So tweets who follow these rules tend to receive greater engagement as they respect the instantaneous nature of the app. It’s all about content at a glance.

Best Facebook Post Length For Engagement

For Facebook, surprisingly the optimal length for posts is just 40 characters. Despite the ability of Facebook users to write much larger posts, it’s been found that these don’t get the same reach as those which are far shorter.

Best LinkedIn Post Length For Engagement

If you’re using LinkedIn for your digital content marketing. It’s best to aim to have your posts no longer than 25 words long. It seems that despite what social media platform you are using. Just because there is a far greater word or character count available doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to fill it.

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Recommended Domain Name & Title Tag Length

Of course, there’s more to digital content marketing than social media. There’s always your website to consider. Your brand’s domain name would be better received and easier to remember if kept below 8 characters in length. With your accompanying title tags ideally being no more than 55 characters long.

How Long Should A Blog Be?

But what about blogs? I hear you ask. Surely blogs don’t have to comply to these tiny character and word limits. Well, you’re exactly right!

When it comes to blogging on your website, you have a lot more words to play with. The optimal length for a blog has been found to be 1,600 words with the title being just 6 words long. The idea being that you want to capture the attention of your prospective readers in a handful of words. To then provide them with an insightful and comprehensive blog.

The same rule could be applied to email marketing to an extent. As the optimal character length for an email subject line is between 28 -39. Which is roughly just 5 – 7 words long.

Best Video & Podcast Length

When it comes to digital content marketing in 2019. It’s important to explore all avenues of online media available to your brand. Taking care to utilise all of those which align with your brand and audience. Avenues including video marketing via YouTube, podcasts and maybe even live talks at events. Each of which have their own optimal length.

It’s been found that the best performing YouTube marketing videos rest at 3 minutes long. With podcasts at 22 minutes and stage presentations – such as TED Talks – at 18 minutes. Highlighting the fact that consumers are willing and able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to listening to what your brand has to say. Ensuring that the content is relevant, entertaining and meaningful.

We understand that we’ve just bombarded you with quite a few statistics. But don’t worry. We’ve created a handy infographic for you as a downloaded PDF with all these fantastic facts. So you can refer back at any time and get the answers you need in no time.

What Now?

After discovering all of these statistics, do you think your brand is performing in today’s digital marketplace? If you think you’re brand is in need of a Digital Health Check then get in touch and we can organise a digital audit free of charge.

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This blog was based on data supplied by Buffer.com

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