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Launching with a High Street presence but focussing on e-commerce the Lean Canteen team gave us the task of creating a fresh and clean brand and a user friendly e-commerce website with subscription functionality.

One of our favourite and most challenging projects to date, the creation of the Lean Canteen brand, and design and development of a complex subscription e-commerce website was one with many challenges but with more rewards.

Lean Canteen have an ambitious plan to become the best healthy eating meal prep business in the country. Central to this is a team of professional chefs with a passion for goal specific food prep, catering for busy people with fitness, weight management and nutrition goals. The team all have backgrounds in both hospitality and sports whilst many of the staff compete at a national level in their chosen field. This helps them support their customers, as not only do they talk the talk, they also live the life.

Kicking off the brand creation, we designed a logo that holds a lot of meaning. The visual lean of the fork, the company initials ‘L’ and ‘C’ incorporated into the fork prongs, the healthy food green and circle logotype container representing a plate. We developed this further with the dynamic and athletic logo animation which we used as a brand reveal across social media.

Meals in plastic tubs are not usually visually impressive, but we set ourselves a task of elevating these pre cooked meals to a level that you would expect from the pages of top culinary magazines and most importantly to blow the competitors out of the water. We worked with the chefs to conceive a food photography shoot to really show off the quality of the meal prep dishes and these image assets would help in the success of the desirability of their meals, and their subscription numbers.

Some of the major functionality includes voucher codes, subscription sign up and modification, email marketing integration, 3rd party delivery integration, payment gateways and automated weekly purchase order data distribution.

The website launched successfully after an incredibly thorough beta and testing stage, which Red Media undertook to ensure that the business hit the ground running at official launch.

We worked so closely on this project that Red Media and the team at Lean Canteen are very much integrated now and we are working hand in hand to grow the Lean Canteen brand.

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