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We have been working with Kennett for over 4 years and in that time we have helped shape the brand and supported its growth from a small start-up to a renowned UK watch brand that has global reach.

Kennett is synonymous with classic British elegance that fuses style with performance. Starting as a manufacturer of watches, it has now expanded to become a multifaceted fashion wholesaler and retailer with its products being sold across Europe, America, and The Middle East.

We primarily produce digital marketing material for Kennett, who have a very active social media presence. We have launched new ranges, devised digital marketing campaigns, art directed photo-shoots, and produced a large volume of print collateral. The brand has been showcased in GQ, Vogue and the best watch industry publications.

With many different retailers selling Kennett products across the world, we created a brand guidelines document to help keep the Kennett brand strong and cohesive wherever it is used. This is a task that needs an incredible amount of thought and a thorough understanding of the business, and the resulting Kennett brand guidelines has been a success in underpinning the growth of the brand as the business has moved in to different countries.

A large part of the work we carry out is content creation for digital marketing and print marketing. We regularly conceive lifestyle and product photography shoots that we have carried out on location and in our in-house photography studio. The photography seen here is from a recent lifestyle photography shoot slightly inspired by Mad Men and with a touch of urban gardening, to showcase some of the more elegant and aspirational of Kennett watches.

Our work with Kennett spans many creative discipline, from photography to animation and digital marketing through Google Adwords and social PPC.

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