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We created a brand identity for the start-up Scottish biltong brand, Hungten Biltong. A brand with strong sustainable foundations, founded by a team passionate people that share common social, environmental, ethical principles.

Increasingly popular as one of the best weight loss snacks around, biltong is high in protein, low in saturated fats, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. It can help any person maintain a lean body while stifling those unwanted cravings for junk snacks. They only use 100% Scottish retired dairy cows that have lived a better life than typical beef cattle. While more sustainable, this also provides a more intense flavour and creamier texture than prime beef biltong.

The team behind the business wanted to call the brand Hangten Biltong, with the surfing reference being close to the heart of the main owner of the business. However, on our guidance they ran with Hungten Biltong, with the reference to the way that the product is made (hanging dried meat).

We created our own custom typeface with a surfing feel to it that creates a laid back (to ’hang ten’ also meaning to relax) and fun personality for the brand.

Being involved from the inception of the brand, we were able to take the owners ideas and bring to life a new brand with a packaging range, website and a series of supporting brand collateral.

Look out for Hungten Biltong in a supermarket near you!

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