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Sky AdSmart is a new approach to TV advertising which levels the playing field for businesses small and large. What was once a major investment is now made accessible and effective for all, and around 70% of all advertisers using Sky AdSmart are new to TV advertising! 

With our help, your business could join the ranks – join our ‘Power of Addressable TV’ event on the 28th February to find out more. Here are the main benefits of your business being part of the new era of TV advertising. 

Still not convinced? Here are the main reasons why Sky AdSmart will benefit your business!

Target Household Attributes 

With Sky AdSmart you can target viewers from an extensive range of household attributes. By mixing and matching Sky’s data you can make sure only your ideal customers see your TV ad. Listed under ‘Audience Selection’, 90+ household attributes are available including; age, status, affluence, sex and location. 

There are also upwards of 32 regional and metropolitan areas with local TV advertising frameworks that you can use to target customers via postcode. So if your target demographic is restricted to an area, age or interest you are able to mould the data to work for you. 

Build Your Own Super Segments

Sky AdSmart can be used for direct results or to extend the reach of your target advertising. You are free to build your own super segments consisting of fixed attributions and your consumer data. Lists can be matched with sky subscribers to target lookalikes and to create your own unique customer profile. This segmentation encourages an increased response rate resulting in a greater ROI and bolstered sales. 

Higher Return Rate 

The Sky AdSmart platform has now been running for over five years. A study by the TV provider over that time noted that by 2017, it had secured over 1,130 advertisers and run 7635 campaigns with a total of 5 million impressions. 

According to the study, facial recognition analysis showed that when addressable ads are on TV, viewers are on average 21% more engaged. They are also 49% more likely to recall the ad at a later date. With an estimated return rate of 64%, Sky AdSmart is set to be the future of TV advertising. 

Accessible to all

Sky AdSmart benefits both businesses and customers by guaranteeing your products or services are only seen by viewers who find it beneficial to them. Viewers can enjoy personalised ads, while advertisers benefit from added visibility, wider reach, increased impressions and sales. Your ads only play when your target audience is watching, to ensure that first time advertisers can derive as much value from Sky AdSmart as experienced advertisers. 

This refined approach to TV advertising reduces the overall cost of running an advert. Sky AdSmart’s pay per watch policy, means that advertisers with smaller budgets can, on the lowest plan, still have their ad shown on over 200 Sky channels.

More Effective 

How we watch TV has changed significantly in recent years, so it’s important that advertising changes with it. AdSmart’s operates on live and recorded TV, and you only pay if 75% or more of your ad is watched at a regular speed.

Features such as this is how Sky AdSmart aims to revolutionize TV advertising. Sky’s highly targeted advertising solution revitalizes user retention, increasing ad awareness by 22% and purchase intent by 7-20%.

It brings exposure and increased credibility to smaller businesses, allowing them to have their brand seen on a premium, influential platform. Thereby opening the door to a new kind of TV advertising, that includes all businesses.


TV advertising remains to be the most effective form of advertising for growing your business. With the increased precision and controllability of Sky AdSmart, the smallest of business can now benefit from a highly targeted advertising solution.

Be part of this innovation, by partnering with Red Media on your next multi-channel campaign. We can create a cohesive, cost-effective advertising strategy to launch your brand into a new medium.

Stand out to your market with Sky AdSmart, get in touch today. If you are interested in learning more about how Adsmart from Sky can benefit your business, we are offering free tickets to our event in the citizenM Glasgow on the 28th of February! Click here to get your tickets.

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