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Corporate wall murals used to be reserved for the likes of Google and Facebook, but increasingly company HQ’s of all shapes and sizes are looking to murals to boost morale. Murals can be a unique and effective way to create a vibrant office space, whether it’s a piece of art or the company logo, the right mural can make the right impression. Here are the ways that commissioning a corporate mural can bolster your business.

Building Morale 

Erecting an office wall mural is a great way to invigorate and illuminate an otherwise dull office space. We all know that our environment affects our overall happiness but did you know it also affects performance? Creating a balance between corporate and creative in your office is the key to unlocking your employees potential. Splashes of colour, art and branding are imperative to a company’s success. 

A happy employee is a productive employee, and what instills happiness more than colour.? You don’t have to go all out either, picking a dedicated feature wall is an easy way to inject some personality. Your custom wall mural can be anything from a blown-up version of your company logo or tagline, to a branded design. It’s up to you, you just have to ensure it matches your company ethos. 

Consistent branding is beneficial for building loyalty in your staff, while taglines and artwork can inspire creativity and out of the box thinking. It’s all about creating an open environment that encourages collaboration and effective teamwork. A wall mural is the visual inspiration your employees need to excel. 

According to George McKay our Business Development Manager, “Office design should be led by your business’s core values” George has worked on a number of wall murals for the likes of Taylor Hopkinson, Kern Construction as well as our very own mural at Red Media. Taylor Hopkinson used their custom mural to convey their individual values, and vision for the company. 

We worked with them on a number of graphics for their walls and windows, which would represent their underlying message of ‘inclusivity’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘making a difference’. Our creative work impacted the cultural identity of the office, helping illustrate and consolidate business goals for their employees.

Good For Business and Branding

In a competitive market good branding is the key to standing out. Creating a strong and memorable brand identity gives you an edge over your competitors. To get the word out, your branding should feature on everything from your business cards, to your website, windows and walls. Your branding should speak to the company’s goals and values, both in the colour and tagline you choose.

At Red Media we can create something personal to your company that both your staff and customers can enjoy. Our work with Total Accounting and Best Consultancy, show how a mural can enhance the interior of an organisation while helping a business engage with your customers positively. A custom wall mural sends a message to visitors that you’re confident in your work and your brand identity

The installation of Total Accounting’s Mural!

Transform your office space to create a welcoming environment that can help forge new partnerships, new recruits and loyal customers. Humans are visually led, impressions (good or bad) are formed in a moment, at Red Media we can help you create one that lasts a lifetime. 

A Celebration 

Your office should be a celebration of you, your company, its employees and its future. Wall murals are just one of the ways you can elevate your office, but the beauty of commissioning a wall display is that it’s customisable.

You can pick a design that fits your brand, your office style and the people who will see it. The possibilities are endless, it could also be good to ask your employees or even customers opinions. What would they like to see reflected in the space they work/visit? Getting everyone involved in the design stage will promote a sense of unity and comfort with their surroundings. When deciding on your design you might want to consider ‘the clout of colour theory’, whereby different colour schemes and shades can have a marked influence over a person’s mood or behaviour, e.g. yellow and blue are proven to be calming colours while red conveys urgency. 

Depending on where your mural will be displayed you will want to incite different emotions. Blue may work for a break room mural, while brighter shades would suit an entryway display. It all is determined by what you want your mural to accomplish and how you want to define your brand. 

Get in touch today to work with our team of creative experts. We can help you use your brand to your advantage, helping you shape your actions and communications towards the desired result. With over years of experience in design and management, we can quickly design & install a custom mural that will elevate your business for the new year.

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