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If you know a designer, but can’t quite afford designer this Christmas, dive into our user-friendly gift guide. Designers, they’re a tricky bunch to shop for. Their creativity means that the typical socks and sweets just might not cut it.

So if you’re wracking your brain trying to find the common sense in comic sans, then fear not we’ve font the right type of present for you. Whether you’re buying for a graphic designer, a UX hero or just a plain old design geek, for as low as £16 you can help make a creative smile this holiday season.

Field Notes, “Three Missions” Edition

Whether it’s for secret santa or your significant other, a good notebook is a strong and staple gift. Going into the new year, your designer pal will be brimming with ideas, so why not give them a place to jot them down before the Christmas cocktails hit.

And, we don’t mean any old notebook either, Field Notes “Three Missions” Edition marks the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, with facts, figures and awesome imagery it’s a wonderful additive to any desk. Remind them that the sky is not the limit this year, with a three pack of NASA inspired notebooks.

Ferm Living’s Letter Tray & Paper Organiser

While we’re on the topic of desks, designers are not necessarily the most organised bunch. So why not give them a helping hand? Ferm Living’s Stained Black letter tray is the chic and elegant way to get your life in order for 2020. It’s minimalist, understated appearance means it will compliment any office space or home.

Available as part of a series of matching accessories, it could be the first of many Christmas gifts to come, because let’s face it, who doesn’t need more storage space? Check out their Blue Stained Ash Paper Organiser if your giftee prefers a spot of colour.

Rippl Bottle

Designing, it can be hard work. Make sure your colleague or friend stays hydrated by picking them up a Rippl bottle. With New Year’s Resolutions right around the corner, many of us are hoping to make steps towards a more sustainable future. Encourage a plastic-free 2020 by gifting a versatile, high-quality reusable bottle.

Available in a range of colours, it’s 304 stainless steel exterior and double-wall vacuum technology means it’s ideal for coffee or tea in the morning and ice-cold water throughout the day. Keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, with this guilt-free Christmas gift.

Kerr Watson Backpack

A good backpack is the gift that keeps on giving. This suitably sized Kerr Watson backpack is made from vegetable-tanned leather and heavy wear cotton so it will last well into next year. The chunky grab handle and contrasting oversized luggage tag gives it the modern, à la mode look your designer friend is sure to appreciate. It’s a backpack that screams luxury while still being fit for everyday use.

Hay Paper Cube

Trouva stocks beautiful home and office ware from independent boutiques. Their stationary section is design-focused, specialising in making art of the ordinary. If you’re in need of a stocking filler this year, the Hay designed Paper Cube is a cute and colourful option. Available in a range of contrasting shades, it will add interest to any desk.

Korridor Office Block

The Korridor Office Block could also work as a great main present. Available in grey and mint, it’s solid concrete design means it’s sure to last. Support independent traders this Christmas, by shopping at Trouva.

Braun Classic Watch 

If you are looking for a show-stopping gift, this is one. This unisex classic watch is a concept that’s become reality. Applying the Braun philosophy of “less, but better”, this stunning watch is available in black and beige and features their iconic yellow second hand. Complete with a ceramic case and bracelet, gifting this is sure to win you brownie points at Christmas.

The Vitra Toolbox, by Arik Levy

Ideal for the creative on the go, this Arik Levy designed toolbox is as practical as it is fun. Easily stowed in a shelf, cabinet or bag it’s the perfect storage for stationary, knick knicks and cheeky office snacks. Available in a wide range of bright and muted colours, there’s one for every personality.


Who said toys at Christmas are just for kids? This Bauhaus inspired BlockHaus is a designer’s dream. Ready to be their house, mansion, palace or playhouse this creative tool will provide endless inspiration. Complete with illustrations to get them started, this handcrafted set makes for a fun, out of the box gift idea. 

Website Stencil Kit 

If you want a present that a designer is sure to use, this website stencil kit is a no brainer. Filled with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques, a designer will delight at this nifty time saver.

It works well with UI Stencil’s responsive sketch pad in allowing creatives to brainstorm website and app ideas in a precise and accurate way. Give the gift of ease this Christmas.

Skillshare Gift Card 

Lastly, why not give the gift of learning this year. Give a man a fish… etc. Many of us want to expand our skill-set in the new year and Skillshare offers a handy one-stop shop for any course or class. Now that they offer premium gift cards you don’t even have to worry about picking the right subject.

Just select your desired subscription package, and the rest is up to them. You can’t go wrong with this one, with access to a growing catalogue of classes it’s a gift with endless potential.

So, whether you’re searching for the perfect present or in need of inspiration for your wishlist, this gift guide is sure to see you through the holiday season. Just remember to shop sustainable and opt for independent where you can. Happy Holidays!

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