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Our new website for the Genius group of companies helps redefine their multifaceted organisation and its services, giving each company in the group a platform to push their services while strengthening the overall group brand.

Genius are a very successful and established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. They started as an outsourcing call centre then developed their own software to give themselves the edge in the huge sector. They sold off their call centre operations and quickly become a major player in the UK as a specialist software solutions business. Their product suite provides their clients with the tools to ensure their operations are protected across their operational risk areas of People, Process & Technology. As a natural extension to their services, they launched a technical support arm (Genius Technical Support Services) and then most recently an education and training business (Genius People).

We created a gateway landing page for the group with a brief company synopsis for each of the three separate operations to guide users down the right path. Each individual company has a home page with a grid system clearly showing the companies products and services. This was done as the majority of site visitors come for more info on a specific product or service.

We also wanted to educate visitors that there are supplementary services that are suitable for their business so showing all of the products and services together like this helps with that. To enhance on the cross selling we designed a ‘related products’ section on each individual product page that displayed products that would be of interested to a visitor looking at any specific product/service.

As several of the product pages were dense with info on software functionalities in particular, we introduced accordions to keep the information organised, easy to find and condensed within the pages.

We also looked to help the user by presenting them with the most relevant products to their sector via the ‘Market Sectors’ page which had very clear and visible calls to action (CTA) to view each relevant product.

“The team at Red Media were fantastic, the perfect combination of taking the creative lead whilst incorporating our own input and vision throughout, which was perfect for us. The design was very much a collaborative effort; the patience, insight and design skills of the Red Media team absolutely key to that. We are very happy with the end-product”
Barry Crawford - Solutions Architect, Genius Software Solutions Ltd

Due to different laws and regulations between Scotland and England, we had to deliver different content to users who were seeking info on training and apprenticeships for their business. We made this clear to users with a CTA on a panel of flat colour with clear space around it so that users did not miss it.

The three websites perform successfully as individual sites and as a whole, help enhance and strengthen the Genius brand with a consistent look and feel, and tone of voice.

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