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In print and digital advertising, the combination of the right words and the right execution can have an extraordinary impact.

Good advertising should always aim to strike a nerve, inspire a thought or induce a laugh. On average people are exposed to upwards of 5000 advertisements a day, be it online, in print or billboards. From that only 153 are remembered, and less than 12 are engaged with. Competition is rife and it takes more than a catchphrase and image to stand out.

So how does a brand set itself apart? You have to have two things; an original concept and creative design. Attention to these will help your ad not only get noticed but will also help it be remembered. We’ve a compiled a list of the best creative advertising designs, to help you be part of that 3% that make an impression.

1. Volkswagen – Symbolism

This 2012 Volkswagen ad utilizes two-time tested techniques; creative symbolism and cute animals. The hedgehog’s proximity to the goldfish helps communicate the potential perils of parallel parking. The concept and design created by DBB Tribal successfully conveys that their new park assist feature makes precise parking painless, in an effective and impactful way. The campaign met their goal of increasing the sale of optional equipment with the new cars they sold.

2. Colgate – Minimalism

Minimalist design is having a moment, in everything from advertising to branding. The clean, straight forward approach is always a standout, if not risky option. Even with no copy this 2011 Colgate campaign succeeded in delivering a clean, easily understood message to the public. The meaning is conveyed solely in their impressive design, using the fruit and seeds to stand for what the product represents; clean teeth.

3. Band Aid – Reference pop culture

In a bid to promote the elasticity of their bandages, Band-Aid’s 2010 advert turned to the Hulk. By using an instantly recognisable pop culture reference they successfully communicated two strengths of their product; its durability and its ‘cool factor.’ The bandage withstood Banners transformation into Hulk highlighting its resistance, while the message of ‘Even the Hulk wears Band-Aids’ appeals to tough kids wanting to emulate their hero. The powerful simplicity of the ad lays in its clever choice of reference.

4. Sharpie – Play on famous logo’s

Don’t be afraid to use advertising that’s already out there, just put your own spin on it. Take the example of Sharpie, their tongue in cheek 2013 campaign featured famous logo’s including that of ‘Apple’, ‘The Rolling Stones’ and ‘Playboy’. Their ‘It all started with a Sharpie’ ads imagined the process that went into creating these iconic designs, while at the same time promoting their range. This perfect homage to the greats was as creative as it was memorable.

5. Marmite – Topical

In advertising it’s always good to play to your strengths, which is exactly what Marmite did with this campaign. Marmite promoted their ‘love it or hate it’ niche by playing into another topic dividing the nation: The British Referendum. This controversial campaign was a fun conversation starter that successfully cemented Marmite as the shorthand for anything that polarises opinion. By inserting themselves into an ongoing conversation, Marmite benefited from a wave of free exposure. The expert design was simple, effective and easily shareable.

If you are looking to develop or refresh your brand identity, look to our Branding and Design services > for product photography, logo design, graphic design and more. Our talented pool of designers create concepts and designs that make an impression and lasts a lifetime.  

Image Source : Ads Of The World

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