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Drumchapel Women’s Aid

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Scottish Women’s Aid, a charity providing an incredibly important service to victims of domestic abuse, asked us to design and build a new website for Drumchapel Women’s Aid.

We worked with the impressive team behind Drumchapel Women’s Aid to create a safe digital space that vulnerable women could turn to for advice and information of support services.

We had to be very aware of the situation and controlling conditions that the women visting the site would be under. They would likely be visiting the website without their abusers knowledge and if caught they could face abusive consequences.

The ability to leave the website at the touch of a button at any moments notice was a very important function. We didnt want this ‘call to action’ to be too obvious as that could also catch the eye of an abuser in the room. We opted for a sticky button that will always be present as the visitor navigates the website. It is always in reach for the user to quickly leave the site, and when clicked takes the user to a Google search page.

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