Digital Marketing

Ringing in the new year means reflecting on your goals and objectives. If you have grand ambitions for your business in 2020, implementing small, sustainable resolutions now can set you up for success. All you need to start is a great marketing strategy, we’ve featured five digital marketing resolutions that will drive your success in … Continued

When most people think of Black Friday, they think of huge crowds storming crazy American stores, fighting over TVs or tackling each other to get hold of reduced tablets and phones. After all, this was originally an event that came with Thanksgiving, a distinctly American holiday. However, Black Friday is gaining an increasing foothold outside … Continued

Christmas is by far the biggest time for celebration in the UK. If your business doesn’t prepare for it properly, you will miss out on a huge amount of potential profit and opportunity to strengthen your relationships with customers and business associates. Here are our top tips that you can follow to make sure everything … Continued

Renewable energy is driven by innovation. It is this truth that has allowed for these companies to successfully challenge fossil fuel technologies. But that’s only the beginning, for renewable energy companies to truly compete on the world stage, they have to keep modernising. With more and more of the population on the internet, social media … Continued

Google Remarketing might be the missing link in your marketing strategy. It can help you convert more sales by presenting your product and services to them again and again after they have initially interacted with you on your website. For millions of people across the world, Google is the internet. It’s what so many of … Continued

Maximising your brands exposure As the 3rd most visited website in the world, welcoming over 2.2 billion users to their newsfeed each and every day; it is no wonder that Facebook has established itself as an immensely powerful business marketing tool. Providing access to a global network of consumers for thousands of brands. However, simply … Continued

Christmas Marketing: The sales opportunities for your business at Christmas are huge. Your Christmas marketing has to be planned and the time to do it is now. Do you have events to promote? Tickets to sell? Products to push? Or maybe you want to get exposure for your brand. Christmas is fast approaching and you … Continued

5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing Social Media… There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard of it yet? Over the last few years it has completely changed the Internet and the way in which people go about their daily lives. In fact it has changed the world; particularly the world of marketing. … Continued

The latest Facebook algorithm update changes the way businesses use Facebook as a tool for reaching their customers. The Facebook algorithm update changes your timeline to lean more towards friends and family. Users will now start to see less content from Facebook pages unless your follow their guidelines. The Facebook algorithm previously focused on how … Continued

We’ve all experienced scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed and seeing an article or video we would like to watch at a later date. However, very few people are aware that you can actually save these posts using the ‘Save’ button and therefore easily view them again at a later time. Many websites and social media … Continued

Digital Marketing is the most beneficial and cost effective strategy to allow businesses to reach their targeted audience. However, research has shown that smaller businesses are often not receiving positive returns on their investments – specifically via Facebook. A study of over 4,700 small businesses (with fewer than 10 employees), found that only a small … Continued

We recently successfully carried out the ‘Time to Fly’ engagement campaign for Kennett where we created a bespoke filter that users can overlay on their pictures and videos that they share through Snapchat’s photo and video-sharing messaging app. Using very specific geo-location management, we specifically targeted Glasgow Airport for this campaign over a busy weekend encouraging young travellers jetting out of the country and … Continued