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Modern marketing is all about telling and selling a story. Like consumers, every brand has or should have a story. Whether it’s a tale of price, customer service or vocation a good brand story is the heart of any great campaign. Here is how you can make yours your most valuable marketing tool. What is … Continued

Standing out in a saturated market can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a marketing strategy. With a plethora of products and competitors in any industry, everyone wants to get ahead, but how do you stay a head above the rest? One of the biggest contributing factors to becoming a market leader is to … Continued

In today’s digital world, content is key, so in order to really bring your products to life you need high-quality images that will make your target audience look and then look again. For e-commerce retailers, particularly those in the drinks industry, products are their backbone so in a saturated market, product photography can make or … Continued

In print and digital advertising, the combination of the right words and the right execution can have an extraordinary impact. Good advertising should always aim to strike a nerve, inspire a thought or induce a laugh. On average people are exposed to upwards of 5000 advertisements a day, be it online, in print or billboards. … Continued

Christmas Marketing: The sales opportunities for your business at Christmas are huge. Your Christmas marketing has to be planned and the time to do it is now. Do you have events to promote? Tickets to sell? Products to push? Or maybe you want to get exposure for your brand. Christmas is fast approaching and you … Continued

Ingliston Country Club & Hotel have reinvigorated their brand, with an updated brand identity which we applied across a new website, key brochures and a digital marketing campaign. The team at Ingliston identified that they wanted to slightly tweak their brand an just gently point it in a new direction.  The aim was to Elevate the brand and add … Continued

We are bombarded with company logos all the time, its inescapable. Yet, for some of the most ubiquitous of logos, surprisingly, people don’t know the meaning behind them. A bit of fun today, get ready to see some of the world’s most notorious logos in a different light after reading our blog on “Ten brands … Continued

A Sea Change for Cumbrae Oysters We recently launched a new brand identity and website for Cumbrae Oysters to give them a platform to promote themselves to a wider audience. The brand needed a fresh new look to compete with other similar businesses, and a platform to do it from. Their new website is now … Continued

The Scottish Enterprise are able to give you up to £5000 towards our services in order to support the design of a new product or service through the by design grant. It can be used for branding, website design, packaging and the creation of a new product or service offering. Scottish Enterprise have created the By … Continued

When we are putting together your social media strategy brand consistency and understanding of how you want to convey your brand is of upmost importance. Design and brand led (graphical, real life photography or otherwise) content pieces will help educate your consumers and showcase your offering exactly at first glance and in the first instance … Continued