Book cover design for Win Win at Business by Angela McKillop showing a visualisation of the 7 steps of success in the form of 7 repeated and decreasing in size hexagons.

Book cover design for Win Win At Business by Angela McKillop, which has just been published. How to win at business We will leave it up to Angela to explain that with her 7-step success formula for your business. At Red Media, we love business, the business of making things look good while communicating a … Continued

Get started with Facebook Marketing blog cover image. Red Media Glasgow Blog

This article will guide you through the tricky and sometimes confusing world of Facebook Marketing. By the end of it you will have a better understanding of the power that Facebook can offer as a marketing tool, and how to wield it What is Facebook Marketing? What would you say if we told you there … Continued

Christmas Marketing: The sales opportunities for your business at Christmas are huge. Your Christmas marketing has to be planned and the time to do it is now. Do you have events to promote? Tickets to sell? Products to push? Or maybe you want to get exposure for your brand. Christmas is fast approaching and you … Continued

INgliston Coutnry Club & Hotel Brochure cover design

Ingliston Country Club & Hotel have reinvigorated their brand, with an updated brand identity which we applied across a new website, key brochures and a digital marketing campaign. The team at Ingliston identified that they wanted to slightly tweak their brand an just gently point it in a new direction.  The aim was to Elevate the brand and add … Continued

It’s been an exciting time here at Red Media recently. Not only are we settling nicely into our brand new offices in Finnieston but we’ve also recently welcomed two brand new faces to the team. Thanks to a continuously growing client base and some exciting new account wins, in the whisky and public sectors (more … Continued

After 5 successful years in business, Red Media are delighted to bring you Maverick Merchandise; a creative, corporate branded merchandise company. Red Media have grown rapidly to become one of Glasgow’s leading creative marketing and brand agencies, boasting a large portfolio of high profile clients across many different sectors. The Red mantra is a simple … Continued

Red Media Creative Design and Marketing Agency new Glasgow City Centre Office in Finnieston

It has been a hectic week but the team pulled together to make sure that it was a successful and non-disruptive move from our old Inchinnan Office, to our new Finnieston home. We are now all settled in and everything is going well. Our motivations. Our Inchinnan base served us well over the past 18 … Continued

We are bombarded with company logos all the time, its inescapable. Yet, for some of the most ubiquitous of logos, surprisingly, people don’t know the meaning behind them. A bit of fun today, get ready to see some of the world’s most notorious logos in a different light after reading our blog on “Ten brands … Continued

Image the Babs restaurant Glasgow website design by Red Media, against a gold background

We have launched a website for ‘Babs, as phase two of our project to make them one of the best independent concept restaurants in the Glasgow. Having initially conceived the ‘Babs brand identity and helped them launch the restaurant to critical acclaim, we are now looking at expanding their digital presence to help grow the … Continued

Animation screenshot of a computer screen with website visitor stats showing how social media marketing can generate lots of visits to a website

5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing Social Media… There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard of it yet? Over the last few years it has completely changed the Internet and the way in which people go about their daily lives. In fact it has changed the world; particularly the world of marketing. … Continued

Do I have a good domain name? Your domain name is what people will be typing in to their address bar to be able to get on to your website. It is important that your domain is similar to your businesses name, or as close to it as possible. The web is huge, so the … Continued

Red Media: Image of a tablet, mobile and laptop with the letters A to Z on them above the words "Glossary of Web Terms"

At Red Media we try not to use ‘jargon’ when we speak with our clients but sometimes there is no alternative word to use. So for the benefit of our clients and anyone who wants to learn more about the world of the web, here is an extensive glossary of website terms. Click a letter … Continued

Apple MacBook with Cumbrae Oysters on the screen

A Sea Change for Cumbrae Oysters We recently launched a new brand identity and website for Cumbrae Oysters to give them a platform to promote themselves to a wider audience. The brand needed a fresh new look to compete with other similar businesses, and a platform to do it from. Their new website is now … Continued

Red Media: 2018 Facebook Algorithm Update blog post cover, with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a faded image of Mark Zuckerberg

The latest Facebook algorithm update changes the way businesses use Facebook as a tool for reaching their customers. The Facebook algorithm update changes your timeline to lean more towards friends and family. Users will now start to see less content from Facebook pages unless your follow their guidelines. The Facebook algorithm previously focused on how … Continued

Red Media: By Design Grant blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo

The Scottish Enterprise are able to give you up to £5000 towards our services in order to support the design of a new product or service through the by design grant. It can be used for branding, website design, packaging and the creation of a new product or service offering. Scottish Enterprise have created the By … Continued

Red Media: Why you need a website blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a faded image of a website on a laptop screen

Around 60% of small UK businesses (as of 2017) have decided that they don’t need a website and think that relying on business listings, word-of-mouth and local advertising is enough. We were genuinely shocked to hear of these statistics, and here are three main reasons why… Potential customers expect you to have a website. It’s … Continued

Red Media: Facebook Save Button blog post cover, with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and faded Facebook Save Tag in background

We’ve all experienced scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed and seeing an article or video we would like to watch at a later date. However, very few people are aware that you can actually save these posts using the ‘Save’ button and therefore easily view them again at a later time. Many websites and social media … Continued

Red Media: Sales Executive job advert with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo and a faded background of a person looking at a screen

We are looking for a sales executive to join our growing Digital Agency. Helping brands and companies throughout Scotland to develop and improve their digital content for over 5 years, Red Media has become the go to Digital Agency within the West of Scotland. We work with clients in multiple industries and specialise in Social … Continued

Digital Marketing is the most beneficial and cost effective strategy to allow businesses to reach their targeted audience. However, research has shown that smaller businesses are often not receiving positive returns on their investments – specifically via Facebook. A study of over 4,700 small businesses (with fewer than 10 employees), found that only a small … Continued

Red Media: Red Acquires GCM Creative blog post cover, with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a faded GCM Creative logo

We are delighted to announce that GCM Creative and their creative team have joined Red Media as of January 4th, 2017. GCM’s former owner and creative head George McKay will join Red Media in a senior position focussing on business development for Red Media. The expanded team of creatives will operate from Red Media’s brand … Continued

Red Media: Stand Out with Good Design blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a background of a crowd of similar looking penguins

When we are putting together your social media strategy brand consistency and understanding of how you want to convey your brand is of upmost importance. Design and brand led (graphical, real life photography or otherwise) content pieces will help educate your consumers and showcase your offering exactly at first glance and in the first instance … Continued

Red Media: Marketing Millenials via Snapchat blog post cover, with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, and a faded image of two girls taking a selfie

We recently successfully carried out the ‘Time to Fly’ engagement campaign for Kennett where we created a bespoke filter that users can overlay on their pictures and videos that they share through Snapchat’s photo and video-sharing messaging app. Using very specific geo-location management, we specifically targeted Glasgow Airport for this campaign over a busy weekend encouraging young travellers jetting out of the country and … Continued

Red Media: Turns 3 blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo, with Red Media studio shot in background

With the agency recently turning 3 years old, we have plenty to celebrate. In three years we have evolved from a team of two, initially focusing on social media management to quickly expanding to offer a more rounded brand management service, with our team creating new brands or reinvigorating existing company identities, building new websites … Continued

Red Media: Red Acquires Neo Marketing blog post cover with a red and purple gradient background and Red Media logo. with faded Neo Marketing logo

An exciting step forward for Red Media with the acquisition of Glasgow based web design and marketing agency, Neo Marketing. marketing agency, with a loyal and productive client base, Neo Marketing is known for dynamic marketing campaigns and creative output. Neo Marketing’s core business is in digital design, branding, website design and website development. With … Continued


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