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Digital Marketing is the reigning king of modern marketing. But surely there’s someone in charge of it’s continued rule? That would be the Digital Marketing Managers of the world.

Charged with the responsibility to strategise, create and oversee all digital marketing material going out the virtual door, we wanted to explore this wizardry a little further and roped our Digital Marketing Manager, Dawn, in for an interview.

First thing’s first, what does your role as Digital Marketing Manager look like?

“It’s my job to look after all the digital marketing for our clients. So I look after their social media platforms, email marketing, business copywriting, etc. My day to day is taken up by strategising the best ways to implement their sponsored advertising campaigns. Creating, checking and approving all digital content. Managing their email marketing campaigns and providing clients with analysis and reporting on campaign results.”

What led you to a career in Digital Marketing?

“My blog. I started my own lifestyle blog about 8 years ago and as it grew and my social media handles grew along with it, I started doing a bit of freelance work. This made me realise how much I enjoyed working in the online world. So the progression into digital marketing came naturally. 

Sadly a little girl, a full-time job and a penchant for exploring Scotland at the weekends means that I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to. But it’s still the reason I ended up moving into a career that I love. I will forever be grateful to it for that!” 

So, would you say content creation comes naturally to you?

“Yes! My job can be quite operational but I’m not interested in losing my creative flair. So I maintain a heavy involvement in the creation of all the digital content. I also really enjoy creatively leading and directing things like photoshoots and graphic design work for my clients.” 

What is your favourite social platform?

“Instagram. From a digital marketer’s perspective, it gives you a fantastic insight into what everyone else is doing. From both a B2B and a B2C perspective. Which is highly important in my line of work.

The platform is not only the fastest growing, but it’s changing daily. I find it fascinating to watch how different types of businesses, brands and users are adapting to that.”

What’s your go-to album to get into the creative zone?

“This changes constantly. But at the minute I would say that Fleet Foxes, Tiny Victories or the latest Death Cab for Cutie album. They are all perfect for getting those creative juices flowing.”

Why did you go for the agency life?

“Because agency experience is invaluable. Through my time at Red Media I have been able to learn so many different aspects of digital marketing. Things that I might not have been able to embrace in the same way with an in-house position. My knowledge of web development, paid search and design grows every day. I have a better understanding of the technical ‘geeky’ stuff.

It’s also an exciting and creative space to work. The energy that comes from taking on such a collaborative approach when working on a client’s brand is second to none!”

Time to spill it. What’s the secret to success as a Digital Marketing Manager?

“Time management. I’m super organised – ever so slightly OCD if I’m honest. Breaking things down into priority is key. As is maintaining good relationships with my clients, keeping lines of communication as open and honest as possible at all times.”

How do you keep on top of all the latest trend in Digital Marketing?

“There are a number of different sources I use to keep on top of what’s happening in the digital world. Pinterest is great for interesting and up-to-date infographics and websites like Social Media Today are great for keeping me in the loop on what’s happening in the digital world. 

I always check what is trending first thing every morning. As well as following a lot of other digital marketers and influencers online.”

Tell us, what is the future of Digital Marketing?

“Messaging! With Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram DMs merging soon into a unified communications platform, the ability of marketers to reach customers through a single chat marketing platform will be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses.”

Be honest though, do you actually hate social media?

“Ha! I have a love/hate relationship with it to be honest. Facebook is a platform for a much older generation these days and I struggle to use it in my daily personal life.

I am still a slave to Instagram and take an avid interest in Twitter. But even when I use these platforms on a personal level, I still find myself experimenting with things like posting times and colour themes for my grid. Meaning I never really “switch off.” 

Finally, what’s your favourite part of your job?

“I love it when I see my work convert into sales for my clients. Helping a venue sell 6 weddings in a month or selling out an event in only a few hours excites me. Or watching a simple Facebook business page that started with no fans turn into popular, thriving online community makes me happy.”

We’re sold. A career in Digital Marketing sounds pretty great.

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