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In the era of digital marketing, TV advertising may feel like an antiquated form, but the golden age of television is far from over. While the fundamentals of TV advertising haven’t changed, the features and benefits certainly have. 

Televised advertising has evolved significantly since its inception 80 years ago. Even with the advancement of digital marketing, TV continues to be globally the most dominant form of advertising. It’s a medium that consumers know and trust, so it remains the most effective. 

Purchase decisions are emotional rather than rational, so it helps that tv advertising captures audiences at their most receptive. So imagine if you could harness that power by targeting only demographics that are sure to be interested in your product or service!

Sky AdSmart is part of a revolutionary approach to advertising which allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to profit from addressable TV. Here’s a guide to why it should be the focus of your next multi-channel campaign. 

Addressable TV

Addressable TV is the future of advertising. Advertisers can now move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad-buys to focus on relevance and impact. It can help advertisers reach larger audiences in a more targeted fashion, consequently improving ROI and bolstering sales. 

Leading this transformation is Sky’s Internet-style ad product ‘Sky AdSmart.’ An innovative live TV ad targeting format that allows brands the opportunity to target audiences by location, compositions, lifestyle, finance and age during live TV ad breaks.

How Does it Work?

The power of TV advertising is enhanced with Sky AdSmart, their highly targeted, and strategic innovation allows for your ad to be featured during world-class content. With Sky AdSmart different ads can be shown to different UK Sky households watching the same programme.  

Households can be chosen based on attributes derived from Sky’s own customer data along with information from consumer profiles on Experian, Boots, Mastercard and more. 

Sky AdSmart recently sold its 13,000th campaign and it is now enabled in over 23 million homes across 7 countries. As of 2019, partaking networks include Channel 4, BBC, Virgin Media and more.

Why Sky Adsmart?

This revolutionary new approach to TV advertising levels the playing field, so that business’ small and big can benefit from the unrivalled potential of addressable TV. TV advertising, although lucrative, has historically been a major investment for any business because costs were high and ROI’s unpredictable. Now with the increased precision, flexibility and direct results of Sky AdSmart, 70% of all users are new to TV advertising

According to a five-year study by Sky, AdSmart has a return rate of 70% among advertisers and increases ad engagement by 35%. Started in 2014, the platform has caused a significant boost to the UK TV advertising market with 75 of the top UK brands now using it. 

TV viewing accounts for 71% of all video viewing for the average UK adult, so it makes sense that if an ad is more relevant to you, you are more likely to engage with it. Sky remarked that “Sky AdSmart marries the expectations of digital targeting with the brand safe and transparent environment of TV.”

If you want your business to benefit from one of the greatest advancements in TV advertising history, Red Media can support you with a full multi-channel strategy. Our team of expert designers can tailor video content to support your wider strategic vision, helping you reach your customers in a premium environment. 

Stand out to your market with Sky AdSmart, get in touch today.

If you are interested in learning more about how Adsmart from Sky can benefit your business, we are offering free tickets to our event in the citizenM Glasgow on the 28th of February! Click here to get your tickets.

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